Client: Burj Al Arab Hotel / 3mgtg
Art direction / Illustration: Georgia Black

This project endeavored to rework an existing installation in which the elevator ride to the Al Mahara resturant in basement of the Burj Al Arab Hotel is in fact a submarine simulation, which travels through the bay.

The „Al Mahara“ is an extraordinary restaurant and situated in an exclusive environment. Much like the original installation we endeavor to reflect these special aspects by taking the customers on a unique tour as they make their way to the restaurant. This will include the journey in the overall dinning experience making it a truly unforgettable occasion. However, unlike the original simulation this journey will not only present a hyper-real world of dense marine life and fauna, it will tell a story of Dubai’s history and culture.

This story is not only an under water experience where we can see fish and marine life, but an exclusive journey that tells us about Dubai and its history. During their descent to the restaurant the customers will travel through this imaginary world and visit its many different lands, each land unveils a unique aspect of Dubai and its historical culture.