HP PrintStation store concept

Print and video material created for the promotion and marketing of the HP PrintStation program.
The program offered SMB and Print Service providers high value printing services with in an unique store environment with a strong association to HP Brand.

  • Visual of the front desk design for the concept. Used in marketing print material

  • Visual of the essential elements required for the sales counter of the concept. Used in marketing print material

  • An online interactive store developed to promote the store’s concept to potential partners. The user is able to interact with the store’s content and recieve relevant information about each item or service.

  • Kinetic billboard advertising
    Protected: Architectual Visualisation Sales Tool
    German Television Explanatory Animation 02
    German Television Explanatory Animation – International Brands
    Television Show Promo for CGTN
    Digital Towers Creative Production – Welcome to Singapore
    Perfume advertisment
    German Television Explanatory Animation – Apple or Pears
    Product renders
    Romeo Financial Services – A Roadmap To Your Financial Future
    House by the bay
    On Air CI development
    German Television Explanatory Animation – Cabin Pressure
    Culinary Affair
    Lenox Product Video
    HP PrintStation Re-design
    Country Beer
    Visual experiment
    Magazine illustration
    Kintetic display visualisations
    Protected: Weckerle Cosmetics Product Promotion
    Visual experiment 2
    ServusTV TVC 30 HIGHLIGHT in June